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Northland Christian School
Houston, TX, United States (on-site)
4 days ago
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San Antonio, TX, United States (on-site)
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Houston, TX, US
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Northland Christian School
Houston, Texas, United States (on-site)
4 days ago


The position includes the medical care and recordkeeping of students at Northland Christian School in a manner that promotes Biblical values and excellence in academics to honor God and that guides and encourages students to fulfill their academic potential and promote positive spiritual development. The primary responsibility is to advance the well-being and success of our students by promoting health and safety, and assisting with actual and potential health problems in order to maximize a student’s ability to learn. The nurse oversees health policies and programs, provides expertise and oversight of school health services, and assesses the health needs of students. He/she serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community and healthcare providers and as a resource for parents, teachers, staff and administration. Reporting to the campus principals, this is a full-time 10 month position with additional fringe benefits (Benefits Level II), pay commensurate with experience. From time to time, additional duties may be assigned by the principals or school administration as needed.



The School Nurse will work closely with the principals, teachers, students, and families to create a dynamic biblically-integrated environment that promotes excellence in academics and spiritual life. Key job areas and responsibilities include:

  • Provides appropriate care for ill and/or injured students
  • Administers first aid to students/staff when necessary in accordance with school policies and state law
  • Administers OTC medications as needed per school policy and prescription medications or specialized nursing care procedures under physician’s orders
  • Provides care to high-risk students and those with chronic illnesses
  • Performs screening for head lice when necessary, providing education and treatment options and environmental cleaning
  • Coordinates medical information between parents, the school and the medical provider
  • Assists students in maintaining personal hygiene practices if needed
  • Assists students with any health care need including self-care needs such as blood glucose monitoring
  • Corresponds with parents about the health needs of their child when necessary
  • Participates in staffing conferences for individual students when appropriate
  • Responsible for developing procedures and protocols for student health and wellness related issues
  • Develops emergency care plans and individual health plans for students on a case-by-case basis
  • Prepares and maintains student clinic records and prepares required reports
  • Updates and maintains health physicals and immunization records
  • Maintains student’s confidential files and records (e.g. health plans, physician orders, accident reports, etc.) for the purpose of providing information required by professional standards
  • Assumes responsibility for appropriate assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, management and referral activities for students
  • Manages the communicable disease program and reporting procedures of infectious and contagious diseases
  • Follows procedures for suspected cases of child abuse and neglect
  • Collects and maintains data relating to student health issues
  • Educates and trains faculty and staff concerning asthma, severe allergies, seizure disorders and any other chronic conditions that a current student may have
  • Maintains clinic equipment and assesses the need for consumable supplies regularly
  • Orders clinic supplies and materials as needed
  • Performs related work as required
  • Provides relief coverage as needed for the principal’s offices and/or administrative offices
  • Maintains a positive working relationship with faculty, staff and parents
  • Performs other duties as requested by the Head of School or the immediate supervisor
  • Plays an essential role in assisting administration for pandemic planning
  • Oversees the implementation of health and safety measures on campus
  • Relays current and reliable health information and recommendations to the leadership team, faculty, and ultimately the full school community
  • Collaborates with other Independent School nurses to ensure best practices for Northland Christian School.
  • Motivate students to accept God’s gift of salvation and help them grow in their faith through their witness and Christian role modeling
    • Works with the administration and staff to address the spiritual formation needs of the students.
    • Lead students to a realization of their self-worth in Christ and assist them in making positive life choices
    • Integrate Biblical principles and the Christian philosophy of education throughout all activities
  • Keep the Administration adequately informed of serious student issues
  • Recognize the need for good public relations and represent the school in a favorable and professional manner to the school’s constituency and the general public
  • Develop and maintain rapport with students, parents, and staff by treating others with friendliness, dignity, and consideration
  • Follow the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with conflict with students, parents, staff, and Administration
  • Know the procedures for dealing with emergency situations.


  • Supervise extracurricular activities, organizations, and outings as assigned;
  • Utilize educational opportunities and evaluation processes for professional growth;
  • Support the broader program of the school by attending extracurricular activities when possible;
  • The employee agrees to abide by the regulations set forth in the Faculty-Staff Handbook and the Parent-Student Handbook, as well as any additions made during the year. The employee agrees to cooperate in every way with the school administration and to adhere to the policies adopted by the Northland Christian School Board of Trustees.
  • If applicable, employee agrees to provide documentation for all state and school medical requirements for the position with the Head of School’s office before the start of the school year.
  • Upon request, the employee agrees to submit to a physical examination (including random drug testing) by a licensed physician at the school’s expense and furnish the school with a copy of the physician’s report.
  • The employee will help maintain an environment conducive to learning. This includes maintaining a professional appearance and the timely reporting of medical activities via the technological tools employed by the school.
  • Upon request, the employee agrees to submit to a criminal background check through an entity selected by the school, and the school is to receive a copy of the results directly from that entity.
  • The employee acknowledges that he/she is or will become fully aware of his/her obligations under state law regarding child abuse reporting requirements and that he/she will fulfill those obligations.
  • Perform any other duties that may be assigned by the Administration.


  • The employee affirms that, as part of the qualifications for this position, he/she is a Christian and believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  • The employee recognizes and affirms that all employment positions at Northland Christian School are part of a Christian ministry.
  • The employee will faithfully attend and support a local church and provide the school with a verification of good standing from their local church upon request.
  • The employee will manifest by precept and example the highest Christian virtue and personal decorum, serving as a Christian role model (1 Timothy 4:12) both in and out of school to pupils and as an example to parents and fellow staff members in judgment, respect, and Christian living. This is not limited to, the refraining from such activities as the use of illicit or illegal drugs, and the use of profane and vulgar language, which are grounds for termination.
  • The employee will strive at all times to understand, appreciate, love, and serve the pupils entrusted to him/her and will do the best of his/her ability to provide for their fullest spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional development.
  • The employee possess sufficient Biblical knowledge to successfully integrate Scriptures and fundamental Biblical principles in order to instruct students through the lens of a Biblical worldview.
  • The employee agrees to follow the Biblical pattern of Matthew 18:15-17 and Galatians 6:1 with regard to his/her peers/school administration, and school board. All differences are to be resolved by utilizing Biblical principles-always presenting a united front.  Appropriate confidentiality will be observed in regard to pupil, parent, and school matters (Titus 3:2 and Galatians 5:15).
  • The employee agrees that the Bible dictates standards of sexual behavior. Any heterosexual activity outside of marriage (premarital sex, cohabitation, extramarital sex) (Hebrews 13:4, Ephesians 5:3, I Thessalonians 4:3-8), homosexual activity (Romans 1:24-27, Leviticus 20:13), sexual harassment (I Thessalonians 4:3-7, Ephesians 5:3-5), possession or habitual, deliberate viewing of pornographic material and websites (I John 2:16, Matthew 5:28), sexual abuse or improprieties toward minors (Luke 17:1-2) or other inappropriate sexual behavior is forbidden and as such violates the bona fide occupational requirement of being a Christian role model and is grounds for immediate termination.


  • Recognize the role of parents as primarily responsible before God for their children’s education and be prepared to assist them in that task
  • Demonstrate the qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control, perseverance, punctuality, organization, and professionalism
  • Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism
  • Maintain a personal appearance that is a Christian role model of cleanliness, modesty, and agreement with school policy
  • Use acceptable English in written and oral communication
  • Speak with clear articulation
  • Respectfully submit and be loyal to constituted authority
  • Notify the administration of inability to support any policy
  • Refuse to use or circulate confidential information inappropriately
  • Place administrative ministry ahead of other jobs or volunteer activities
  • Make an effort to appreciate and understand the uniqueness of the community.


  • Registered Nurse certified and licensed with the State of Texas and in good standing with the Texas Board of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing degree
  • 3 years of nursing experience/Pediatrics experience a plus
  • AED / CPR certification and CPR trainer certification
  • Hearing, vision, spinal, and TRAT2DC screener certifications. Must maintain certifications.
  • Strong organizational and relationship skills
  • Has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Christian philosophy of education and a biblical worldview.
  • Demonstrates servant leadership.
  • Demonstrates technology literacy and proficiency.
  • Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Promotes a positive attitude about Northland Christian School and its employees, parents and students, including social media, addressing concerns to the proper authorities.
  • Agrees to abide by School policies and procedures.
  • Assist with enlarging the vision and mission of Northland Christian School;
  • Commits to excellence, efficiency, customer service, and Northland Christian School’s shared values.


The work environment at Northland Christian School is one typically found in a school setting. Duties are typically performed in a setting commensurate with the assignment. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position. The physical demands of the position are ones typically found in a school setting.

The employee must have physical mobility and the ability to:

  • Sit and stand for extended periods of time
  • Lift and move up to 25 pounds and occasionally lift and/or push/pull up to 50 pounds
  • Frequently move about inside campus buildings and outside on the grounds
  • Exhibit manual dexterity to enter data into a computer
  • Possess close vision, distance vision, and depth perception
  • See and read a computer screen and printed material with or without vision aids
  • Stand, reach, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl
  • Hear and understand speech at normal classroom levels
  • Speak in audible tones so as to be understood clearly in normal classrooms or offices


Requirements stated herein are minimum levels of skill and/or abilities to qualify for the position. This document does not in any way create an express or implied contract of any kind or change the nature of your at will employment. Northland Christian School has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment, and either the employee or the employer (NCS) may terminate employment at any time for any reason.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 68587257
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Houston, Texas, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Northland Christian School
  • Position Title: School Nurse RN
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate
  • Required Travel: None
  • Salary: $44,000.00 - $54,000.00 (Yearly Salary)

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